7th Sakyadhita International Conference,

7th Sakyadhita International Conference for Buddhist Women

Sakyadhita aims to empower women and transform their lives, their communities, and their worlds. Continuing this mission, the 7th International Conference on Buddhist Women focused on how women can fulfill this potential by joining their efforts.

In our increasingly complex world, we are presented each day with new challenges and opportunities. Buddhists around the world are meeting frequently to discuss how Buddhist ideas and practices, such as compassion, skillful means, and uncompromising integrity, can help people maximize their potential to meet these challenges. More than ever before in history, women are playing leading roles in these crosscultural, interreligious exchanges.


English Language 7th Sakyadhita Conference Brochure (27KB)


Working at the grassroots level, Sakyadhita provides a communications network among Buddhist women internationally. We promote research and publications on Buddhist women's history and other topics of interest. Our members strive to create equal opportunities for women in all Buddhist traditions. Read More

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