Eun-su Cho, Vice-President


Eun-su Cho is a professor of Buddhist Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at Seoul National University in Korea. She received her PhD in Buddhist Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. Her research interests include Abhidharma, Korean Buddhist thought, and women in Buddhism. Her recently edited volume Korean Buddhist Nuns and Laywomen: Hidden Histories and Enduring Vitality is the first English book that covers the long practice tradition of Korean Buddhist women.

Dr. Cho founded the International Center for Korean Studies at Seoul National University in 2007-2008 and served as the chair of the editorial subcommittee of the Asia/Pacific Regional Committee for the Memory of the World Program of UNESCO. She is currently the director of the Institute for Gender Research at her university and the president of the Korean Society of Buddhist Studies, an academic organization of Buddhist scholars.

Dr. Cho has two daughters, one who is grown and one who is in high school, with whom she likes to go on walks. Lately, she has also been hard at work cultivating the next generation of young Buddhist women in Korea, as director for the Center for Buddhist Women of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. As president of Sakyadhita Korea, she developed a Korean Translation Team, comprised mostly of college students. The members of the team went from struggling English students to accomplished translators and feel very empowered by their improvement!

Working Together at the 13th Sakyadhita Conference

Indonesia conference in 2015 with Korean participants.

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1st Sakyadhita Conference, Bodh Gaya, India, 1987

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Sakyadita Taiwan Dharma Translation Workshop, June 2013

Sakyadhita Taiwan Dharma Translation Workshop, June 15, 2013

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