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We invite you to join us in developing comprehensive resources to assist Buddhist women around the world in their efforts to study, practice, and create a better world. Please send your membership to Sakyadhita International.

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Tara Dance, 13th Sakyadhita Conference, Vaishali, India, 2013

Rooted in History

1st Conference, 1987
1st Sakyadhita Conference, Bodh Gaya, India, 1987

Educating Women

Sakyadita Taiwan Dharma Translation Workshop, June 2013
Sakyadhita Taiwan Dharma Translation Workshop, June 15, 2013

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Join a national branch or local chapter, start your own, and join with thousands of women who have established new meditation centers, education projects, monasteries, and women's shelters. Thousands of women are now taking new roles in Buddhism and in their communities. Far greater progress has been made than was ever imagined when Sakyadhita began in 1987.



Members who attend Sakyadhita International Conferences on Buddhist Women have a keen awareness and commitment to social activism that only grows through the development of relationships with others who are also socially engaged.

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Tap into opportunities to connect online with Sakyadhita members through our social media platforms, the Awakening Buddhist Women blog and archive, e-book publication, and much more. Contact us for more information on how you can get involved with Sakyadhita.


Working at the grassroots level, Sakyadhita provides a communications network among Buddhist women internationally. We promote research and publications on Buddhist women's history and other topics of interest. Our members strive to create equal opportunities for women in all Buddhist traditions. Read More

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