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Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women Hawai'i Branch

The programs of Sakyadhita Hawai'i have helped transform the lives of countless women and children, both in Hawai'i and in developing countries. The directors and members of Sakyadhita Hawai'i are dedicated to furthering the objectives for which the organization was established, especially to advancing the physical, psychological, and spiritual welfare of humanity. By developing an alliance of women, children, and youth in Hawai'i who are dedicated to peace, and creating links with peace activists around the world, we will continue to work for a more peaceful world.

Sakyadhita Hawai'i's Aims and Objectives are:

  • To promote world peace through the teachings of the Buddha.
  • To encourage the development of cultures of peace and peace education.
  • To promote harmony among the world's religions and ecumenical dialogue.
  • To advance the physical, psychological, and spiritual welfare of humanity, especially women and children.
  • To develop an alliance of women, children, and youth in Hawai'i who are dedicated to peace.
  • To establish a local and international network of communications among peace activists.
  • To undertake peace education and training projects, including training in meditation, stress reduction, conflict resolution, and non-violence.
  • To guide and assist women, children, and youth in Hawai'i who are interested in meditation and peace leadership.
  • To encourage research and publications on peace and non-violence.
  • To encourage compassionate social action for the benefit of humanity.


Sakyadhita Hawai'i's Plans and Dreams

Sakyadhita Hawaii

Sakyadhita Hawai'i has acquired five acres of land in rural Oahu to create a peace and meditation center. The land is beautiful, convenient to surrounding communities, and eminently suitable for the projects that Sakyadhita Hawai'i plans to implement in the coming years. We plan to plant the land with a variety of organic fruits and vegetables for a sustainable future. Another proposal is to create a Buddhist retirement home on the land. Fundraising activities to finance the construction of buildings are underway.

The peace and meditation center will be a community resource center offering education and training in meditation, non-violence, and conflict transformation. The Center will be based on the Buddhist principles of non-harm (ahimsa), ethical conduct (shila), compassion (karuna), loving kindness (maitri), and wisdom (prajna), as well as principles of gender equity, shared decision making, and cultural diversity. Programs offered will include training in meditation, conflict resolution, peace leadership, empowerment, and non-violent communications skills. Programs will benefit all sectors of the community, with some programs designed especially for woman and children.

Once the center is built, it will offer meditation programs every morning and evening. Peace education programs will be offered to members of the community on a regular basis throughout the year. Respite care for mothers, drug rehabilitation programs, prison transition programs, and peace education for children will be offered regularly. All programs will be open to the public, without discrimination of any kind.

The peace education programs are consistent with Buddhist principles and the organizational objectives of Sakyadhita Hawai'i. The programs will draw on 2,600 years of Buddhist teachings and practices. In addition, they will incorporate methods of peace education that have been developed in recent decades throughout the world. Programs in compassionate communications will be created for primary and secondary schools and other organizations in Hawai'i and other countries. Periodic retreats will be organized for Buddhist practitioners, healthcare practitioners, and the community.

Shrine in Hawai'i


Working at the grassroots level, Sakyadhita provides a communications network among Buddhist women internationally. We promote research and publications on Buddhist women's history and other topics of interest. Our members strive to create equal opportunities for women in all Buddhist traditions. Read More

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