Achi Chokyi Drolma Statue from the Drikung Kagyu Center in Moscow, Russia
Achi Chokyi Drolma at the Drikung Kagyu center in Moscow, Rusia

Achi Chokyi Drolma

Dharma protector of the Drikung Kagyu tradition

Achi Chokyi Drolma (Tib. A-chi Chos-kyi sGrol-ma) is a female Dharma protector (Tib. Dharmapala) whose practice was introduced by Drikung ('Bri-gung) Achi, the matriarch of the Drikung hereditary lineage. She is white-coloured and is portrayed riding a blue horse, she holds a double-sided drum in the upraised right hand and a skullcup in the left held to the heart.

Achi Chokyi Drolma's aspect is peaceful, not wrathful, as with many Dharma protectors. A great Tantric practitioner and a great teacher she taught many students. She once conducted a sacramental feast (Tib. Chöd) transforming a human corpse into a sacred offering. At that time she vowed to be a protector of Buddhism, composing a liturgy for invoking herself as a protector deity. Upon completion of the verses, she flew into the air on the back of a blue horse and departed for a Buddhist heaven, or Pure Land.

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Achi Chokyi Drolma

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